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OverBilt SportLoader

OverBilt SportLoader

OverBilt SportLoader

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Sport Loader Application Guide

SC3000/SC3001 Owner's Manual
View the Blue Ox Sport Carrier Product Brochure


The OverBilt SportLoader provides a simple and effective method of
hauling a motorcycle while also providing the ability to tow a trailer,
camper, or travel trailer. The motorcycle will ride approximately
one inch off the bed of the pickup, providing a stable base for the ride.

To load, attach the channel extensions to the rear of the loader and
secure with the pin. Run the cradle to the base of the SportLoader
and roll the front tire of the motorcycle into the cradle, tighten the
bracket against the tire and strap the motorcycle to the cradle for
further stability while loading. The rear tire of the motorcycle will
track in the channel as the motorcycle is pulled into the bed of the

As the motorcycle is pulled up the channel, the unit pivots on a
tube attached between the tailgate mounting posts, lowering the
motorcycle to the bed of the pickup. When the motorcycle’s tire
reaches the front of the pickup box,the motorcycle is fully loaded
and ready to be strapped in for travel.The channel extensions are
secured in the bed of the pickup when not in use.

***Pivot Tube Sold Separately***

One person loading and unloading
Stable base for cycle (approximately .1” off the bed)
Removable ramp extensions store in pickup bed
Extension available for over-height pickups (SC9010)
Optional stand for changing oil or working on your bike (SC9012)
Additional Cargo Buckle (SC9011)
Cross tube required (see Blue Ox Application Guide)
No modifications to the pickup box or wiring required.

SC3000, 8' Long Bed Trucks (71 1/2" - 92")
SC3001, 6' Short Bed Trucks (61 1/2"-92")


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