BX88255 KarGard II

Product Description:


The all new KarGard™ II is the ultimate in vehicle protection. The bumper-to-bumper polypropylene screen shields your towed vehicle from rocks and road debris deflecting it down and away, preventing chips and dings. The KarGard™ II attaches to Blue Ox motorhome mount tow bars at the triple lug bolt. The gas spring provides clearance for the RV’s rear bumper when turning. The KarGard™ II rolls up to the RV bumper for clean out of the way storage when not in use.

Simple Installation: Attached to triple-lug bolts where Blue Ox motorhome mounted tow bar connects to base plates on towed vehicle

The polypropylene screen stretches from bumper to bumper to prevent rocks, dirt and mud from flying onto your towed vehicle

The gas spring provides clearance for the RV’s rear bumper when turning

Compact Storage – screen rolls up and secures next to the bumper

*If using the KarGard™ II on an Avail tow bar manufactured after 12/10/15 the minimum tab width on the baseplate is 31”.

**Use an exhaust “turn down” to redirect the engine exhaust, if located directly below the KarGard™ II. The KarGard™ II fabric may be warped or otherwise damaged if a turn down is not installed, or if other exhausts which cannot be redirected are in close proximity to the fabric. **

** Does not work with the BX7330 Aventa Tow Bar or BX4330 Acclaim Tow Bar**

BX88255, $495

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