We are a fourth-generation family owned company founded in 1925 as the Automatic Equipment Company. We continue to produce our products in a plant on the family farm in Pender, Nebraska including: Award-winning receiver-mount tow bars, towed vehicle baseplates, supplementary braking systems, the premium SwayPro hitch featuring adjustment-free sway prevention, the all-new TrackPro hitch with sway management, and a complete line of towing accessories. Today the company is a part of Hesse Enterprises including our sister companies, Automatic Equipment, and Mad-Ramps.

Entering into the recreational towing business in the early 1980s, Automatic Equipment began building the KarTote
trailer for recreational and commercial towing.

With the acquisition of Blue Ox® in 1991 and Duncan Towing in 1994, the company began building a solid reputation as the premier manufacturer in the aftermarket towing industry, expanding our product offerings from tow bars to weightdistribution hitches and a full line of towing accessories.

Grain processed for feed with an Automatic Roller Mill increases feed value up to 25%. Automatic mills break the seed coat, crimp the grain and reduce it to the desired particle size for greater, digestibility, increased palatability.

With Automatic, you get a crumbled, fluffy feed that’s more appetizing to livestock with minimal flour or dust causing respiratory problems and waste feed. Differential roll drive provides self-cleaning
action, producing greater volume with less horsepower.

The MAD-RAMPS pivoting & tilting Loading Ramp System allows you to safely load and unload machinery onto your pickup truck bed or flatbed. The superior alternative to towing a trailer and using conventional loading ramps. Installation on your truck bed is simple and loading your vehicle is as easy as driving on.

We offer ramp loading solutions for ATVs/ UTVs, snowmobiles, and golf carts, for pickups and flat bed trucks.