Blue Ox® Fit Program

Blue Ox has an established program to better serve our customers for helping us acquire new baseplate fits. The Blue Ox Fit Program has proven to be a valuable tool in allowing us to be the first in releasing many of the new model baseplates.

Customer comes to the Pender, NE facility: One Mill Road Pender, NE 68047

  • Baseplate – free of charge
  • Baseplate installation – free of charge
  • Avail tow bar – free of charge
  • Wiring kit installation – free of charge
  • Customer receives a 25% discount on the required wiring kit, plus any other Blue Ox product purchased during their stay
  • Free stay at the Blue Ox RV Park
  • Company car is reserved for use. (No mileage restrictions) • Optional factory tour
  • Also receive a corporate rate at the Horizon Inn in West Point, NE if they choose to stay there.