Patriot Flat Tow Brake

Patriot Flat Tow Brake


A new, smaller, profile that fits more towed vehicles (8 X 7.5 X 11.5).


New, lighter design, 6.2 lbs. vs. the 9.5 lbs. of the previous Patriot Brake.


Faster Extension of the braking action for quicker stops, more responsive stops.

Quick Setup

Attach the brake claw, plugin the power cord, push the setup button and go.


The in-cab controller monitors the brake & manual input for braking response.

It’s Electric

Electric, self-contained. Designed to make towing safe and easy.

No Tanks

No tank to drain, no pumps or hoses to connect. No mess.

Do I Need a Tow Brake?

In the United States, laws vary state by state with all states requiring tow brakes depending upon the weight of the towed vehicle or requiring mandatory stopping distances. For instance: Arizona requires a tow brake if the towed vehicle is 3,000 lbs. If you drive across the state line into California, a tow brake is required for towed vehicles weighing 1,500 lbs. Driving from California to Oregon again changes the dynamic. All vehicles towing a trailer or a towed vehicle in Oregon must stop within a specified distance. In Pennsylvania and North Dakota, tow brakes are required with no exceptions.

Canada requires tow brakes with no exceptions.

Having a supplemental tow brake installed helps prolong the brake life of the coach, if the coach brakes are doing all of the work to stop the combined vehicles, they brakes will wear prematurely. The coach will brake more easily and the stopping distance will not increase due to the increased weight of the towed vehicle.

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