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At Blue Ox, we believe loyal customers are created through excellent customer service, superior products, and continuing education through seminars. By attending RV Rallies, RV, and Trade Shows, we can offer these services face to face.

  • Learn about new products.
  • Have your questions answered about current products
  • Attend one of our educational seminars
  • Get your tow bar serviced by one of our service technicians

*We service our Blue Ox Tow Bars up to 8 years old.  If your tow bar is older than 8 years, we recommend a trade-in for a new Blue Ox Tow Bar.  We offer $150 credit for a trade-in of your old tow bar for a new one while at each event.

What’s included in a tow bar service?

Conduct a complete safety inspection of the towbar, which includes checking the following:

  • Overall Tow Bar condition
  • Hitch Connector and pinhole condition
  • Swivel assembly condition
  • Swivel/Hitch Connector, washer, and nyloc nut condition
  • Swivel/Leg assembly bolt condition
  • Driver and passenger side legs – dents, bends, abnormalities
  • Leg latch mechanisms (2) to ensure they are not loose or binding
  • Roll pins are in place, and no signs of damage/abnormalities
  • Rubber protective boots condition (are they dry, cracked, torn)
  • Zip ties holding rubber boots in place
  • Bolt, washers, nyloc nut holding triple lug in place
  • Triple lug condition (bolt hole and condition of metal)
  • Condition of the 1/2″ pins and clips for triple lugs.

Remove and disassemble the swivel, clean and replace snap bushings, and reassemble.

Remove one end of the rubber boot covers on each leg.  Clean each leg and regrease.  Slide boot cover over regreased legs and reattach.  Check each leg for smooth movement in and out.  If boot covers are torn, cracked, or missing, we recommend replacing them at an additional cost.

Inspect bolts for serviceability and recommend replacement as necessary at additional cost. 

Replace all washers and nyloc nuts and properly tighten them.

Inspect 1/2″ pins and clips for serviceability and recommend replacement as necessary at
additional cost. 

Inspect 5/8″ pins for serviceability and recommend replacement as necessary at additional cost.

Service Pricing – $100

How do I sign up?

Due to the high volume of service requests, we will take a limited number of pre-qualified tow bar services ahead of shows, usually a month or two in advance, by filling out the form below. If there is no form, the advance signup is not available yet or closed.

As service takes a bit of time and attention, service slots are limited to 30 per event. Once we have reached 30 service signups, the form will be disabled for that event. For those registered, the Service Team will contact you to arrange your service appointment.

A limited number of additional service appointments will also be available at the show; please find us at our booth or at the designated service area for each event to sign up on-site. We have limited services that can be completed at each event, so the sooner you arrive to sign up, the better!

Other Non-Listed Rally & Shows

Don’t see your rally? Sadly, we can’t be everywhere at once! If you would still like a non-attending Blue Ox presence at your rally, please fill out our Rally & Show Donation Form.



  • Start Date
    End Date
    Event Name
    Event Location
    Service Type
    Event Form
  • 01/17/2024
    Florida Super Show
    Tampa, FL
    Pre Registrations Full (Inquire at Show)
  • 01/19/2024
    Quartzsite 41st Annual Sports, Vacation and RV Show
    Quartzsite, AZ
    Pre Registrations Full (Inquire at Show)
  • 03/20/2024
    FMCA 108th International Convention and RV Expo
    Tucson, AZ
    Pre Registrations Full (Inquire at Show)
  • 05/03/2024
    Ramblin’ Pushers Rally
    Goshen, IN
    Pre Registrations Full (Inquire at Show)
  • 05/14/2024
    Jayco Entegra Homecoming Rally
    Goshen, IN
    Pre Registrations Full (Inquire at Show)
  • 06/16/2024
    63rd Escapees Escapade Rally
    Rock Springs, WY
    Pre Registrations Full (Inquire at Show)
  • 07/15/2024
    WIT Grand National Rally
    Forest City, IA
    Tow Bar
    WIT Grand National Rally
  • 08/05/2024
    Tiffin Allegro Club Rally
    Larkspur, CO
    Pre Registrations Full (Inquire at Show)
  • 08/14/2024
    FMCA 109th International Convention and RV Expo
    Redmond, OR
    Tow Bar
    FMCA Redmond
  • 10/05/2024
    67th Annual Airstream Club International Rally
    Sedalia, MO
    Tow Bar
    67th Airstream
  • 10/14/2024
    Tiffin Rally - Tucson
    Tucson, AZ
    Tow Bar
    Tiffin Rally - Tucson

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