How Do You Know Which SwayPro Is Right For You?

Nov 17, 2020
How Do You Know Which SwayPro Is Right For You?

Trailer sway is something we all want to avoid when traveling on the road with a trailer in tow. With SwayPro by Blue Ox, you can stop sway before it starts. But how do you know which SwayPro is right for you? There are a few factors to consider before you can determine which model of SwayPro is right for you.

Determine Your Hitch Shank Height

SwayPro works with all almost any tow vehicle all you need to determine is the hitch ball height installed on your vehicle’s bumper:

  • Standard hitch shank:  0” to 7” adjustment
  • S-Series hitch shank:  0” to 7-½ adjustment
  • Heavy-Duty hitch shank:  0” to 10” adjustment

Determine What Trailer Coupler You Will Use

A standard hitch head and clamp-on latches are included with most SwayPro models. If your trailer does not have cross-members on the tongue or equipment blocking and is equipped with a coupler that is welded on top of the frame, most SwayPro models should work for your vehicle. Some trailers may have a coupler welded underneath the frame. If this is the case, you will need to replace the hitch head with the Underslung Hitch Head.

Determine Your Tongue Weight

Before you purchase a SwayPro, you should determine the tongue weight of your trailer after it is loaded, so that the weight is realistic to what you will be towing. This can be done by either using a vehicle scale or using a TW (tongue weight) scale. Once you have determined the TW of your fully-loaded trailer, you will also need to include the weight of any cargo that will go behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle. This is referred to as the Total Tongue Weight or TTW.

Now that you have your total tongue weight, you can determine which model of SwayPro will be right for your specific set-up by matching the weight to the spring bars. One of the great features of SwayPro is that even if your TTW changes in the future, they all use the same weight distribution head with interchangeable spring bars. So you can easily purchase the proper spring bars and swap them out using the same WD head depending on your needs.

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