How to Tow a Car Behind an RV

Mar 26, 2020
How to Tow a Car Behind an RV

Traveling in an RV means you have all the comfort of home on the road! But what happens when you reach your destination and you are ready to get out and explore? Needing to re-pack the RV and attempt to navigate it down narrow streets then find parking can be quite the hassle! Not to mention, you will burn more fuel than necessary. Well, there is a simple solution: bring along a tow car! There are a few different ways to tow a vehicle behind your RV, such as an enclosed or flat trailer, a tow dolly, or the preferred method with the use of a tow bar.

Flat Towing with Tow Bars

Using a tow bar is the most common and affordable way to tow a vehicle behind your RV. This method is also referred to as 4 wheels down, dinghy towing or flat towing. One of the significant benefits of this method is that it has minimal impact on gas mileage and the handling of your RV as you are only adding the weight of the vehicle. If you were towing a trailer that had the car secured to it, you would be adding a significant amount of weight; potentially more than the maximum towing capacity of your RV.

Don’t Settle: Get a High-Quality Tow Bar

Another significant benefit of flat towing behind your RV is that with the use of high-quality tow bars such as Blue Ox products, connecting and unhooking your tow car is a breeze! Blue Ox tow bars feature a revolutionary non-binding latch design, allowing the arms to extend and collapse for a smooth hook-up and an easy release under any conditions. Many RVers struggle to get their tow car hooked up or disconnected once they are at their destination, as it may be an uneven environment. Blue Ox tow bars have auto-locking arms that make it easy. Simply pull the vehicle close enough for the arms to reach the baseplate, attach the arms, and pull forward, allowing the arms to auto-lock into place.

Blue Ox has a variety of tow bars to fit your needs. Many of our tow bars are easy to store, right on your motorhome, with arms that can be compressed and folded out of the way.  The Avail tow bar features arms that are 2 inches longer than the standard tow bar, creating an improved turn radius for smoother overall towing even during rugged road conditions with a total towing capacity of 10,000lbs.  The Ascent has all of the great features of our Avail tow bar but is manufactured from aircraft aluminum.  At 31lbs. it is lighter and easier to handle. And, with a capacity of 7,500lbs., it will tow a wide variety of vehicles.  To see all of our tow bar options, click here or call us at 800-228-9289.

Find the Best Towing Solution for You

It is important to remember that when deciding on how to tow a car behind your RV, first, do your research. You will want to know the maximum towing capacity of your RV as well as whether or not your vehicle is suited for flat towing. Doing so will help you avoid damage to your vehicle or RV, and may keep you from needing to spend extra money.



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