How Trailer Spring Bars Work

Oct 22, 2021
How Trailer Spring Bars Work

Spring bars are a vital component of weight distribution hitches. They are what helps keep your trailer in line with the towing vehicle when trailer sway starts to occur. So, how do trailer spring bars work, and why are they so important?

Trailer Spring Bar Function

Spring bars have tension control components that can be tightened or adjusted to reflect the driving conditions you will encounter. Thanks to the spring bars, the entire weight distribution hitch works to keep your trailer in line with your towing vehicle. Trailer sway is a common occurrence on the road, and preventing it with a weight-distribution hitch will make for a safer driving experience. Weight distribution hitches like SwayPro rely on tension to keep the spring bars taut, which, in turn, keep the trailer centered behind the vehicle. The TrackPro weight distribution hitch also provides a smooth ride using tapered spring bars that work to augment the suspension of the trailer and tow vehicle. 

Do Spring Bars Make Driving Easier?

Trying to constantly control trailer sway while you are driving will surely wear you out! Not to mention the dangers that come when you are unable to regain control of the trailer sway. There are many things that can cause trailer sway, such as wind gusts, excessive speed, or excessive weight. Without a weight distribution hitch, you may start to feel your trailer swaying back and forth. If trailer sway starts, you should avoid stepping on the brakes, keep the steering wheel straight and let the vehicle slow down on its own. It can be a scary experience, so try to remain calm. Regardless of the driving conditions, products like SwayPro and TrackPro will help you keep things under control. 

What Spring Bars Are Best?

When you’re towing a trailer of any kind, SwayPro or TrackPro is what you need to prevent trailer sway. Each of these distributes the trailer tongue weight evenly to the tow vehicle. This means the weight of the trailer is less likely to create sway. It also works to prevent trailer sway caused by uneven road conditions, passing vehicles, wind, or weather

Ready to Hit the Road?

Before you hit the road next, be sure you have the equipment you need to get to your destination safely. The spring bars within the SwayPro and TrackPro will evenly distribute the weight and use tension to keep things in line if you encounter uneven road conditions or windy weather. Keep your trailer from causing an accident that could ruin your trip. Check out our selection of trailer spring bars on the website

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