BX1747 GMC Yukon/Yukon XL AT4 (Includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Shutters) Baseplate


Blue Ox® Baseplates are vehicle specific brackets providing attachment points for your Blue Ox tow bar. Baseplates are designed to provide a solid, durable connection between your dinghy towed vehicle and your towing vehicle.


Part Number
Fit Years
1, 2, 12
Wiring Kit Options ?
BX8869 Bulb and Socket Tail Light Wiring Kit for vehicles without LED taillights
Alternative Wiring Kit
BX8848 Tail Light Wiring Kit, Diode for vehicles with LED taillights
30 pounds
Tab Height
Tab Width

Product Information

  • Baseplates are custom designed for each vehicle, bolting directly into the chassis.
  • Uses as many attachment points as possible.
  • Most Blue Ox baseplates feature removable tabs that leave a clean look when the vehicle is not being towed.
  • Requires no welding.
  • Baseplates are hidden beneath the vehicle body.
  • All baseplates are backed by a three year limited warranty.

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