Expert help in setting up your towing package.

You can rely on our dealers to help you properly setup your equipment and get you on the road——fast.

Whether you are using a Blue Ox® tow bar with a Patriot braking system, the SwayPro™ weight distributing hitch, a Blue Ox® gooseneck or SuperRide™ fifth wheel hitch, a Blue Ox® dealer will provide you with the information you need to quickly and safely get on the road and begin your adventure.

Insights and Solutions

Do you have multiple applications for your towing equipment?

Blue Ox® dealers will help you discover the best solutions for work and play. Our dealers know what it takes to tow in any situation and are here to help you find the right fit.


Need to have your Blue Ox® products installed?

Our dealers have the experience you need to install your product, so you drive away with the perfect fit. Many of our dealers are factory trained by the Blue Ox® team members who designed the products. For an installation you can trust, select "Ship to Dealer" at checkout.

We've got your back.

No account setup is required and no emails. When you have questions, speak to real people.

We won't ask you to setup an account with a username and password. We do not send you email; you probably get too many of those already! We will only ask for the information we need to deliver the items you want. If you have questions, we have real people, ready to talk, ready to help.