5 Ways Blue Ox Can Help with Sway Prevention

Oct 10, 2020
5 Ways Blue Ox Can Help with Sway Prevention

There are few things more frightening than when you are towing a trailer and you start to experience trailer sway. Maybe it is a rainy and windy day, or an 18-wheeler just passed you and you feel the trailer begin to sway back and forth. Experiencing this can be very alarming, and trailer sway is one of the most common causes of accidents involving trailers. Unfortunately, it can also be the main reason people put their trailer away for good. That’s why Blue Ox decided to create SwayPro, a product to prevent trailer sway, regardless of the weather conditions. 

Why Does Trailer Sway Happen?

There are a few different reasons you may experience trailer sway. Knowing what these are and being able to recognize them could mean you are less likely to feel caught off-guard if you do start to have trailer sway. 


semi truck driving down highway

When a force, such as wind, comes at the side of the trailer, it can cause it to sway from side to side. The trailer can quickly start to sway out of control once it is set in motion. Trailer sway can be caused by “bow wind” from passing a large vehicle like an 18-wheeler which can create a sudden and forceful gust of wind. 

Uneven Road Conditions

Driving down uneven roads or areas under construction may also create trailer sway. When the road surface is bumpy, has pot holes, or has drop-offs, you may be more likely to experience trailer sway. The faster you go over bumpy roads, the more likely it is that you could lose control of your trailer. Traveling at lower speeds could help you reduce the likelihood of sway. 

Bad Weather

Towing a trailer in bad weather can create the perfect storm for trailer sway to occur. If it is raining, the roads can become slippery and it is also likely to be windy. Water that collects on the roads surface can add to the risk of hydroplaning which can affect both your trailer and two vehicle. In the cold months, towing a trailer on snow or ice can be very challenging. If your trailer and tow vehicle lack poor weight distribution, you might find yourself swaying out of control which can be extremely dangerous and difficult to regain control. 

How To Prevent Trailer Sway

If you’ve ever experienced trailer sway for yourself, then you know preventing it is the best course of action. The truth is, sway happens, so how do we prevent it? There are a few things you can do when preparing your trailer and vehicle to tow, but sometimes that simply isn’t enough. The simple answer to stopping trailer sway before it starts is SwayPro, the weight distribution hitch by Blue Ox.

How Does SwayPro Prevent Trailer Sway?

truck using blue ox sway pro towing trailer


  • Tension

SwayPro works by using tension on the spring bars to keep them taut. The attached brackets ensure that the pressure from the spring bars keeps the trailer in alignment with the towing vehicle. SwayPro has interchangeable spring bars so you can use it with a variety of setups. Blue Ox uses a high-quality steel in the spring bar design to ensure safety and durability. 

  • Weight Distribution

Weight distribution is a key part of preventing trailer sway. When the weight is uneven, the chance of trailer sway starting is much higher/ SwayPro is geometrically optimized and computer designed for the highest quality weight distribution and sway prevention without any additional adjustments. The design features self-locking spring bars that flex for optimal weight distribution and clearance.

  • Built-in Control

SwayPro’s sway control is built into the head:  if you’re pulling your trailer in an environment that would create sway, one of the sway bars becomes more loaded than the other, which keeps the trailer in line and centered with the towing vehicle.

  • SwayPro is Safer Than Friction Sway Control Bars

Friction sway control devices aren’t designed to bring the trailer back to center behind the tow vehicle; they simply slow down the sway. Friction devices can stop working in wet weather conditions like rain or snow.  SwayPro’s built-in sway prevention works in any weather. You will enjoy a quieter and smoother ride with SwayPro versus a noisy friction sway control device.

Stay Safe on the Road

Safety is so important when you’re out on the road, especially when driving with a trailer in tow. Whether you’re pulling a trailer with horses, or a travel trailer for a family vacation, you need sway prevention you can trust. SwayPro is a weight distribution hitch that is compatible with many different types of vehicles, from minivans to ¾ ton pickups and more. It is easy to install and there is no need to disconnect when backing up. Join the 65% of vehicles on the road that trusts the Blue Ox name for their quality, durability, and safety. 


Ready to Try SwayPro for Yourself?

Before you head out with your trailer in tow, install the SwayPro for a safer way to tow. Unsure if SwayPro is right for you? Contact Blue Ox to discuss the type of vehicle you have, the hitch head you will be using, and determine the right model for you based on hitch shank options and appropriate tongue weight. For questions or to order SwayPro, reach out to our Customer Care team today!



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