5 Ways SwayPro Is User-Friendly

When you’re out on the open road, traveling with your family, trailer in tow, you want the safest towing experience possible. Trailer sway is one of the main causes of accidents involving trailers and can often be the reason people decide to put their trailers away for good. If you’ve ever experienced significant trailer sway, you know how scary it can be when you feel your trailer start to sway. With SwayPro by Blue Ox, you can prevent trailer sway before it starts and have total trailer sway control. Take a look at the ways SwayPro is safe and user-friendly.

1. Prevent Trailer Sway Before It Starts

The SwayPro weight distribution hitch is one of the best trailer sway prevention products on the market today. SwayPro’s spring bars prevent conditions on the road from causing sway:  rough pavement, wind from passing vehicles, wind caused by weather, and winding roads. When these conditions are present, one of the spring bars becomes more loaded than the other, forcing the trailer to stay centered behind the towing vehicle. SwayPro is computer designed and geometrically optimized, ensuring high-quality weight distribution and sway prevention without hitch head adjustments.

2. Easy Hook-up

SwayPro is designed with the user in mind, that means hookups are a breeze. Self-locking spring bars slip in and latch by simply rotating the bar 90 degrees with no additional clips or pins.  Additionally, the sway control mechanism is built into the open design head, which allows easy access to tighten the hitch ball.

3. Back-Up Without Disconnecting

While many weight distribution hitches require you to disconnect before you can back up, SwayPro makes it easy with no need to unhook prior to backing up.

4. Compatible With Most Vehicles

No matter what towing vehicle you are driving, we have a SwayPro for you! SwayPro is compatible with a variety of vehicles ranging from ¾ ton pickups to minivans. All you need to do to determine is the hitch ball height and the type of coupler on your trailer, and determine the appropriate tongue weight.

5. Safe And Reliable

SwayPro is one of the safest ways to deal with trailer sway. Using other trailer sway control options like friction sway control, you may still experience trailer sway. Friction sway control devices only slow down the trailer sway but don’t work to bring the trailer back to the center behind the towing vehicle. With SwayPro, the trailer sway is stopped before it starts. SwayPro by Blue Ox also comes with a limited lifetime warranty to keep you safe on the road for years and years.

Trust In The Blue Ox SwayPro

If you are ready to travel using one of the most trusted weight distribution hitches in the country, contact us today to try SwayPro.