DIY Travel Trailer Remodel Tips

May 11, 2021
DIY Travel Trailer Remodel Tips

Are you an adventure-seeker hoping to make your travel trailer dreams come true? If you have an old travel trailer that looks outdated or you’re hoping to purchase a used trailer for a cheaper price and then fix it up, you’re already on your way! There are tons of unique ways to upgrade and remodel vintage trailers and give them new life.

Find the Right Trailer

There are tons of used travel trailers out there. Unless you have the skills and knowledge needed, make sure you find one that is in good enough condition that it won’t require significant repairs that might be beyond your abilities, timeline, or budget. Check for things like water damage, electrical issues, mechanical problems, or structural damage. Most things beyond these types of repairs are not a big deal. 

Remove Unwanted Items First

Before you can get to the really fun part, start by removing anything you know you will want to replace like old blinds, fabric panels, window treatments, etc. Getting these things out of the way will help you feel like you have more of a “clean slate” and then you can start digging into the fun stuff.

Repaint Old Surfaces

You can find paint that works for just about any surface. By choosing the right paint and doing solid preparation, you can turn drab walls or outdated cabinets into something modern and chic. Clean all surfaces before adding a coat of paint. If there is dirt, grime, or grease on the surface, the paint won’t bind properly and likely not look smooth and even. Avoid just painting over old paint and take the time to sand and scrape the surface to remove old paint and then use a primer to seal any problem areas. Removing the cabinet doors and taking care of this outside of the trailer will make things much more manageable. 

Add Some Personality

An RV or travel trailer is the perfect place to let your interior decorating skills and personality shine by adding fun wallpaper or peel-and-stick tile to add accents or a pop of color. You can also use contact paper to cover countertops or a table surface. It tends to hold up pretty well and can easily be replaced down the road. Just remember to prime surfaces properly before adding anything on top of it.

Swap Out Old Hardware, Lighting, or Window Treatments

You can easily find hardware that fits the holes on your cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom to freshen things up. It’s amazing the difference new hardware can make! If you want to get creative with lighting, you can swap out traditional light fixtures for something fun like string lights or a pendant light. It’s likely that the old window treatments will need to go, so find new ones that suit your needs and style. Blackout blinds or curtains could make a huge difference when trying to sleep in!

Give Furniture a Facelift

If the soft sitting surfaces still have good foam in them, you can simply put a slipcover over them or recover them yourself. Try to choose fabrics that are durable and easy to clean. It is also worth considering materials that will stand up well to moisture and fading from the sun.

Install New Flooring

Many old trailers have dated carpet that has seen better days. Consider choosing flooring, like vinyl or laminate, that can be easily cleaned and doesn’t break the bank. By selecting something more durable and easy to clean, you can ensure the floors won’t end up looking worn out after one or two seasons of use. Plus, installing laminate or vinyl flooring is much easier than dealing with carpet. But, if you want something soft for your bare feet, you can add rugs throughout that can easily be washed if they get dirty or replaced in the future. 

Get Quality Equipment for Safe Towing

Once your trailer is freshened up and ready to hit the road, make sure you have the equipment you need to get to your destination safely. Towing a trailer makes you vulnerable to trailer sway, which can be very dangerous. The Blue Ox SwayPro helps prevent trailer sway before it starts to keep you and your new trailer safe while you head out on your next adventure. 

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