“I just had a Blue Ox SwayPro Hitch put on my snowmobile trailer and Chevy Silverado 1500. The trailer had quite a bit of side to side sway with cross winds and passing semis. After installing a SwayPro, the sway is gone. I feel so much more comfortable towing with this system in place. Great Product! Thank You!

-Brad Belcher

BXW1000 SwayPro™ Standard Hitch Shank

Stop sway before it starts with trunnions on each side of the Swaypro™ hitch head employ a caster effect, working with the spring bars, to constantly push inward, keeping the trailer in line.

Standard hitch head and clamp-on latches included. If your trailer has a coupler that is welded to the top of the frame, and your trailer does not have cross-members on the tongue or equpiment blocking, this SwayPro™ model will work for you.

BXW1000, $750.50 USD

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You May Need the Optional Hitch Head

If your trailer has a coupler welded underneath the frame you will need to replace the hitch head with the Underslung Hitch Head.

BXW4012 Underslung Hitch Head, $220.00 USD

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You May Need the Bolt-On Latches

If your trailer tongue frame has a cross member or other equipment that prevents attachment of the clamp-on latches you will want to use the Bolt-On Latches.

BXW4021 Bolt-On Latches, $295.00 USD

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